Josh Jones

Josh Jones

Senior Client Manager,
Analytics Practice

Josh has more than 10 years of experience creating successful business intelligence solutions, with expertise in executive-facing dashboards and financial analytics.

He has experience building holistic reporting solutions, managing finance transformation projects, and developing financial process analytics (e.g., text analysis and fraud detection).

For the past decade, Josh has held a variety of executive-facing roles—primarily focused on either creating or maintaining a high-visibility financial reporting product. Prior to joining Aspirent in 2018, Josh served in management roles at ING Group, Cox Communications, and Time Warner.

Josh received his bachelor’s in Political Science and History from Furman University and his master’s in Accounting from University of Virginia. Josh is a Georgia CPA and practiced with PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP in Atlanta prior to transitioning into business intelligence.

Outside of work, Josh enjoys spending quality time with his wife (Lauren), toddler daughter (Merritt), and infant son (Nolan). He also enjoys investing, reading historical non-fiction, and technology.


  • Accounting, Financial, and FP&A Analytics
  • Executive-facing Dashboards
  • Finance Transformation Initiatives
  • Insurance and Investment Management