Jim Folds

Jim Folds

Operating Partner, Advisor, and Board Member

Jim spent more than 25 years consulting to the financial services industry. After starting his career in banking, he moved on to leadership roles in three different firms: Broadway & Seymour, KPMG Consulting, and Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group (CG). Jim was part of the management team that led CG from a start-up firm in 2002 to a nationally recognized high-growth firm and Best Place to Work—and eventually to its acquisition by NTT Data in 2015. Jim was named a Top 25 Consultant by Consulting Magazine in 2013.

During his professional career Jim focused on management and business consulting to major financial institutions, working with his clients to plan and deliver on large-scale, strategic programs. While at CG, Jim initiated the business consulting group, established the account development model, and ultimately led all consulting services (spanning all revenue and clients). He also devoted much of his time to leadership development and mentoring emerging leaders. Today, Jim is engaged with several organizations (businesses and schools) on two of his topics of interest: leadership development and enablers of growth and scale.

Jim grew up in Chapel Hill, NC before attending the University of the South (Sewanee) where he played basketball for four years and was a Student Trustee. He earned his MBA from Queens University (Charlotte).

For the past sixteen years, Jim and his wife, Mary Kim, have lived in her hometown of Davidson, NC with their two children James and Mary Patrick. Currently, Jim is a member of the Halftime Charlotte Roundtable, serves on the Board of Regents at the University of the South, and is Chair of the Board of Trustees at Woodlawn School.