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Understanding the importance of the human – machine integration and complementary decision-making skills from each appears to have made its way more squarely into our field of understanding.

In this article, we offer key steps to provide your organization with a framework for determining how to optimize its analytical tool portfolio and prevent further tool proliferation.

Data is quickly becoming a company’s most important asset. To monetize this asset, organizations leverage analytical tools that generate insights in order to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. One issue that has plagued corporations for years is the lack of standards and methods around their analytical capabilities

Propensity score based methods applied to mitigate the bias in treatment effect estimation incurred by self-selection on observables, usually follow non-parametric matching approaches. Parametric estimation, performed
by regressing solely on propensity scores, is suggested in theory, but is not generally applied. However, when appropriate, a parametric approach is preferable to a non-parametric or semi-parametric one as it provides more information, insight and inference on the same data set.

Machine learning is being applied to many difficult problems in the advanced analytics arena. A current application of interest is in document classification, where the organizing and editing of documents is currently very manual. To accomplish such a feat, heavy use of text mining on unstructured data is needed to first parse and categorize information…

 Data Visualization: Make Your Message Obvious Many visualizations require extraordinary powers of deduction to understand them. Sometimes it feels like the author is intentionally trying to confuse you. However, it doesn’t take much to transform a graphic into something meaningful and easy to read. You don’t need to be a graphic designer or spend hours nitpicking your […]

Commoditization of a Project Manager Say it isn’t so! As an employee and consultant that has played in some form the role of project manager for the majority of my twenty-six-year career in technology, I cringe at the thought my profession has become a commodity. What is commoditization in this context? It’s when a product […]

 Three Ways to Generate Profit With the Data You Already Have Build it and they will come. That is the view many organizations maintain about their data lakes and data warehouses. Companies are rapidly investing in systems and processes to retain business data that they know is valuable but have no clue what to do […]

Self-Service Analytics Are Here, Do Business Intelligence Teams Face Extinction? The world of analytics is changing.  Self-Service Analytical tools like Tableau, Qlik, and Power BI are enabling business users to perform reporting and analytics on their own with little to no support from the IT organization.  This trend has evolved due to several factors including: […]

Marketing Mix Modeling – Avoiding common pitfalls Peek at the ever-increasing cost of a Super Bowl television ad and you’d likely be unconvinced that many companies’ marketing budgets are shrinking.  Nevertheless, it’s happening and although many consumer brands continue the predictable migration of funds into this annual, grid-iron advertising ritual, many are also investing in […]

Creative, Collaborative Scheduling Have you ever had a project with several cross-functional workstreams, multiple internal and external parties, an aggressive schedule, and leads that wouldn’t commit to a deadline?  Sounds like just about every project, doesn’t it? Several years ago as a budding project manager, I was introduced to the concept of a MAP Day.  […]

What Crash Davis Taught Me About Business Analysis and Product Management Business analysis is what I do, so it’s no surprise that I find inspiration for my trade in unexpected places.  Most, however, would have a hard time believing that I managed to glean useful insights from an 80’s romantic comedy sports film.  Ron Shelton’s […]

Making Retrospectives Fun and Engaging Are your retrospectives becoming stale or repetitive? Are they failing to add value?  For new agile teams, does awkward reluctance impede honest input? Transforming the mundane into an engaging and thought provoking exercise requires honest and insightful feedback in an environment free of retribution or embarrassment.  Simply asking the team […]

Home > Insights Writing Effective User Stories User stories are the smallest units of user functionality in agile which can be delivered in one agile sprint.  A user story must deliver particular value to the user and must be describable in simple language that outlines the desired outcome. User stories are not mini-use cases. They […]

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Home > Insights The Evolution of a Product Evangelist Product Managers evolve along a continuum into “Evangelists” with passion, training and experience. The Framework At Aspirent we believe that Product Evangelists make markets. They are industry mavens and the strategic harbingers who help dictate product strategy and ensure that it’s a fit for the company’s […]

Home > Insights Analytics with Jupyter Notebook Out of all the tools in in my Analytics toolkit, I am particularly fond of the Jupyter notebook. It is a web application that allows you to combine your executable codes, visualization and documentation into a single document. Jupyter offers an advanced read-eval-print loop (REPL) environment and supports […]

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