User Story Training Creates Momentum in Agile Transformation

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Agile Workshop – User Story Training Creates Momentum in Agile Transformation

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Complication – This Global Airline Service Provider’s Product Definition organization had been writing voluminous Use Cases for decades and had fallen behind their Development organization who’d moved to an Agile Development approach. Their organization didn’t understand how to organize their requirements in a way that the Development organization could easily consume. As a result, offshore teams unfamiliar with the client’s core functionality were decomposing their SME’s requirements into Development Stories. But a great deal of information and requirements and intent were being lost in the translation, leading in part to a low quality software product.

Approach – To address the client’s Product Definition Organization’s needs, Aspirent had to start from the beginning and provide the users with an Agile Primer and investigate their Development organization’s use of the Jira Tool. Getting back to basics and assuming nothing, Aspirent crafted tailored a solution to meet the specific needs of the client’s users. Aspirent:

  • Created a Customer Agile Primer tailored to the client’s vernacular
  • Created a specific User Story hierarchy that could be adopted to organize all User Story creation
  • Developed training materials in the client’s “language” with relevant airline context
  • Delivered training to the client’s Product Definition and Software Development Teams
  • Worked with the client’s Process & Methodology Organization to adopt the learnings into the standard practices


Aspirent has helped to revolutionize how the client will perform Requirements Definition and the handoff to Software Development. In removing complexity and removing the need for added translation and decomposition, Aspirent helped to reduce the work effort on the Software Development side by 10% and shorten the delivery duration by 8% on any given project.