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Complication – Michael Andrews Bespoke, New York City’s premier men’s custom clothier, needed to develop its online ecommerce presence.  They required a partner that could help them create a vision for their online presence, gather requirements, research leading technologies to create a differentiated experience, and create a roadmap for implementation.


  1. The first step in our approach was to create a vision and objectives for the online presence.
  2. Aspirent then gathered requirements for the ecommerce solution, through a series of onsite and remote session.
  3. Because Michael Andrews Bespoke wants to provide its customers with a unique experience that does not yet exist, Aspirent performed a search of leading technologies to determine technology feasibility.
  4. Finally, the team provided estimates from the various vendors and developed a roadmap for development, which included a Pilot and Sprints for functionality enabled through a series of releases.


The Requirements and Design project allowed Michael Andrews Bespoke to launch their ecommerce development project.  Aspirent directed the project through customized-deliverables, including: User Experience Business Specifications, Use Cases, User Experience Visual Specifications, and Roadmap.

  • User Experience Business Specification consisted of several key requirement areas that drive the functionality of the proposed ecommerce site. These key requirement areas include Detailed Use Cases, Business Rule definitions, Prioritized Business Capability definitions, Technical Architecture and Product Backlog.
  • The User Experience Visual Specification drives requirements and development through the visual representation of the solution. Aspirent’s visual specification components include a Site Map, Conceptual Page Mock-ups, Application page flow diagrams, and Annotated Wireframes.
  • To provide a path forward, Aspirent developed a functional Roadmap describing the high-level work plan, milestone schedule and cost estimate to complete the build, testing and deployment efforts for the proposed solution. These were  based on the User Experience Business, Visual and Architecture specifications.